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Urological cancer is cancer that affects the kidney, bladder, prostate, testicles or penile.

Urogology Network Site Specific Group (NSSG)

The Urology NSSG has responsibility, delegated by the Cancer Board, for ensuring the co-ordination of the cancer pathway and consistency of care for the relevant client group within the cancer network.

The NSSG provides advice in respect of all significant service changes, eg Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG) particularly if there are financial consequences, and will make recommendations to the Cancer Board.  The NSSG has a key role in developing plans to implement IOG, monitoring the implementation of the agreed IOG action plans, raising concerns and areas of risk to the Board via the agreed governance arrangements.

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Urology NSSG Meetings 2012
 16 January 2012   Agenda
 27 March 2012   Agenda
 11 July 2012   Agenda
 04 October 2012   Agenda


Urology NSSG Contacts

  • Chair: David J Smith, Consultant Urologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • Deputy Chair: Derek RosarioConsultant Urologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • NTCN Manager:  Julia Jessop, Service Improvement Lead, North Trent Cancer Network
  • Group Support Officer: Linda Robinson, North Trent Cancer Network  


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